"Hi Karen, I have been meaning to send you this message for quite some time and for some reason I have not gotten to it. Anyway, prior to seeing you I think I had my hearing aids for about 4.5 years. The audiologist that sold them to me never really had them adjusted where I thought the investment was worthwhile. In her group, even a doctor of audiology adjusted them, and they were worse. About 2.5 years ago I started to see someone up here and she was able to make things marginally better. What is most interesting is that both offices advertised themselves as treating tinnitus and both essentially told me it was something I had to live with. After I saw you, I was stunned at the difference in my hearing and essentially the elimination of my tinnitus. It is quite remarkable, and I now wear my devices from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night which is about 16 hours/day. I am so very grateful that I found someone so bright and talented to work with! In todays’ medical climate, you are in my estimation, a rare find. It is also so pleasant to go to your office. Everything is so professional, refreshing, and comfortable and Eileen is a great asset to your office. You both make coming in so inviting. So, Karen, that said, thank you for making my world so much better. Warm Regards."

- George T

"Karen provides careful, compassionate expertise in helping me achieve better hearing. I am overwhelmingly grateful for now being able to hear my daughter converse happily with me on my cell phone from her neighborhood on the noisy streets of New York City. I am now able to attend social functions easily, listen to movies and engage fully in conversations. I cannot thank Karen enough!"

- Debby R. Keene, NY

"As a long-time hearing aid wearer with a profound hearing loss, it's not at all easy to find someone to work with in getting a good match for hearing aids - and the hearing instruments to address a profound hearing loss is limited, unless the audiologist is doing a deep investigation to find them. Happy to say Karen at Placid Audiology covered everything - rare, indeed (!). And so i'm confident in saying that, if Karen can work with me in finding a perfect hearing instrument that addresses my profound hearing loss ( i'm a candidate for cochlear implants), she would be a great help to anyone, no matter the hearing problem. And BTW, she's not all "clinician": friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding, too.....Cheers!"

- Dave B. Tupper Lake, NY

"Karen conducted a hearing baseline on me and then fitted me for musician's hearing protection. Extremely professional and sensitive to my concerns. I will continue to go to Placid Audiology for my hearing assessments and hearing needs."

- Bob Sweet. Saranac Lake, NY

"Karen couldn't have been more helpful. She allowed me to try out various types of digital hearing aids so that I could test and find the one I felt most comfortable with. Note I had been use to wearing analog hearing aids for 40 years! Unheard of today, yet there i was with such! Well going digital... The results are fantastic. I feel like Dick Tracy! Talking into a watch. Except I talk into my necklace streamer that syncs with the hearing aids. Using the streamer allows the person to talk wirelessly into my ear without the background noise... OMG (oh my god) I love it. Im hooked! One client at the end of our conversation, said it was really nice to "TALK" to you without you always saying what! They also have a microphone and a TV box that also sync with my hearing aids. Im just amazed. Thank you Karen!!!"

- Hilary Appell, Saranac Lake, NY

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